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Hijinx Comics Retail Software

When I first toyed around with the notion of owning a comic book store, I reflected on my younger days as an employee. I thought about those things that made the job difficult, and about the tools I always wanted to have to make my job easier.

One cool thing that Diamond does is to put a lot of raw data at the retailer's disposal, but sometimes it's tough to know what to do with it. I've written a lot of tools in Perl to help manage and munge that raw data into formats that are useful to me and my customers. Everything from simple new comics web page generators to a complete customer/inventory management software, and I want every comics retailer who wants them to have them for free.

My first release is the software used to generate this very site. I call it the Hijinx web generator, or webgen.pl.

The second release is the Hijinx retail system, a web based application I use in my store to manage subscriptions and do cycle sheets, among other things. It requires an external database such as Mysql, but can use others vi the modular Perl DBI.

The Diamond Hijinx search plugin for Firefox allows convenient searching of Diamond Comic Distributors directly from a browser's search bar. Neato.

All of my software is written in Perl, installed and tested on a Unix-like platform (usually RedHat Linux), and distributed under the GPL license. Anyone interested in porting this software to Windows is welcome to do so.

Click below to download. For installation assistance, first read the included README file and then contact support@hijinxcomics.com.
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