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Hijinx Comics Book Club
earn store credit for buying graphic novels and trade paperbacks

What's a TPB?
A TPB or trade paperback usually refers to a bound volume comprising multiple issues of a comic book. Generally the collection will comprise a story arc, an entire multi-chapter story. The multiple volumes of Usagi Yojimbo or Ultimate X-Men are good examples of trade paperbacks.

A GN or Graphic Novel usually refers to an original work, never before seen in a serialized format. To confuse matters more, a GN or TPB can be a hardcover and/or a paperback format. Goodbye Chunky Rice, Cave In and Orbiter are excellent examples of the graphic novel format.

If all this terminology confuses and annoys you as much as it does me, just call them what I do: books.

Why do I care?
You either don't have time to chase down your favorite individual issues, or just plain prefer to read an entire story at once rather than a never-ending serial. Graphic novels are custom made for you.

How does it work?
Every purchase of any Graphic Novel or Trade Paperback earns you a store credit equal to 5% of the purchase price of the books. You can apply this credit to any future purchase of a Graphic Novel, Trade Paperback or Super Set. Use the credit on your next visit, or save them all up for a rainy day!

How do I sign up?
Just stop by either convenient Hijinx Comics location and ask about the book club. We'll sign you up and you'll be off and running in a bold new world of savings and service!